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About Me

August 25th, 2019

I am a college senior at Plymouth State University pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I live in the Central New Hampshire area. I have the most experience in Java programming, linux operating systems, and frontend development. However, I also have dabbled in arduino/raspberry pi systems, systems programming, LaTex, and parallel programming. When I’m not coding I am usually enjoying the beautiful outdoors my state has to offer, personal writing, or playing game.

What am I up to?

I spent my summer as a frontend intern for a local organization. Currently, I am enrolled in my final semester as an undergrad. I will be developing my senior project, a unix application to allow facial recognition logins for linux distributions.

Things that I work on

I take on a good number of projects, but I need to put more time into each of them to be presentable. Thankfully, I have a couple well structured products to display such as this website.