M.J. Camara

Designing My Personal Site

My personal site was setup a year ago. The design was mediocre and all that was contributed was an about me page and nothing more. After gaining some more experience in the web world this space deserved a relaunch to reflect my growth as a developer. So, a new design was drafted, created, and published. The problem was that it looked too much like the sites I work with on a daily basis, it didn’t feel like something that came from me. Back to the drawing board and the results are what you see before you today. There’s a few reasons why this design is so special to me and my first post is going to tell you why.

To attempt a dark color scheme

This website’s color scheme is dark, very dark. It looks like a dark theme that a user would toggle on an app or site, but this type of color palette is not the status quo on the web. I once argued to a friend in college that primarily dark sites were simply not as appealing as their lighter counterparts. However, this site stands as a testament to prove myself wrong, and prove a point that I should apologize to Pete. There is also a reason why black and green are the primary colors on this site. As a child I thoroughly enjoyed playing video games on my Xbox consoles and this site’s design is an homage to those memories.

To challenge myself

The most important thing that I want to gain from this site and the development experience is to challenge myself by using tools and standards that are not a part of my daily development. For one, this site is built with the CSS framework Tailwind, a tool with radically different semantics than my framework of choice, Bootstrap. At first I truly hated the utility based approach, it really rubbed me the wrong way. The further along this website came along, I learned to appreciate its unique approach because it makes the development process quicker than normal for me, and the amount of CSS used in production is minimal. This site is built with the WordPress CMS which I do not have a strong background in, but it gave me a good opportunity to learn through experience.

To have fun and experiment with new ideas

Lastly, I want to have a space where experimenting with new approaches in web design and development can be safely administered, and there’s no better place than a sandbox personal site. There’s plenty of concepts that I want to play with such as conic gradients, CSS Grid, animations, and maybe play with some new libraries and frameworks. All that matters is that I finally have a personal project that I can be proud of and accept that there is no finished product, because everything needs an update once and a while.
Thanks for reading my first post!